Now set voice note as status update on WhatsApp, chat application testing new feature

Social media is all about finding newer ways to express yourself. Perhaps, this is the reason why various social media platforms and instant messaging applications are consistently innovating to offer some of the best media to their vast user base.

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp have all rolled out the status feature for its users to share temporary updates from their accounts. These status or story features last for 24 hours and get automatically archived after that.

WhatsApp, which introduced its Status Feature in 2017, seems to have gone a step further. Now, the most popular instant messaging platform is gearing up towards offering a feature that will let users share voice notes as the status update.

According to tech portal WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks developments related to WhatsApp, the platform is currently working on a feature to accommodate voice notes as status updates. The chat messaging company reportedly teased the feature in its build for Android update.


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In its report, the tech website said that the new voice note feature will likely have an interface similar to the existing text status composer. WaBetaInfo shared a screenshot to describe the feature which enables users to record voice notes. Users will not need to learn any new steps to update voice notes.

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After the feature is rolled out, users will only need to go to the Status section, and click on the mic icon in the centre for recording their voice notes. Users will be able to share short voice messages to their contacts based on their privacy settings.

Users will not only be able to add their voice, they will also be able to set background colour after which the note will be visible as a chat bubble. The voice note can be as long as 30 seconds and is also protected by end-to-end encryption. Currently, the feature is under development and WhatsApp has plans to release it in the future.

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