Watch: This Badam Ki Phirni Is Just The Nutty Delight You Are Looking For (Recipe Video)


  • Badam ki phirni gives a nutty twist to the regular phirni recipe.
  • Phirni is a creamy mix of rice, sugar and milk – much like kheer.
  • This badam ki phirni recipe needs just a few minutes for preparation.

If you are anything like us, then a humble bowl of kheer is enough to soothe your soul to the core. Kheer holds a special place in all our lives. It is simple, delicious and satisfies us with every bite. In fact, no traditional feast seems complete without some kheer at the end of a meal. Kheer sees different variations across India. While it is called payesh in Bengal, in Kerala it is known as payasam. Another such popular variation to kheer is phirni. A creamy concoction of milk, rice and sugar, phirni has a thicker consistency, when compared to kheer. And what makes it standout in the lot is the rose-flavour of the dish. While traditionally rose petals were included in a phiri recipe for a royal aroma, today people replaced the petals with simple rose water to make the process quick and easy. Besides, one can add various dry fruits and nuts to make the dish taste yet more lavish and appetising.  

One such lip-smacking recipe is badam ki phirni. As the name goes, this recipe includes good amount of badam (almonds) that adds a nutty flavour and texture to the classic dish. Here we found a quick and easy badam ki phirni recipe that can be a show-stealer at your next dinner party. All you need for the recipe are chopped almonds, sugar, milk, rice paste, rose water and cardamom powder. Let’s take a look at the recipe.  

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How To Make Badam Ki Phirni:   

Step 1. Boil milk with sugar and add cardamom powder to it. Mix everything together. Let it boil for a while.  

Step 2. Add chopped almonds, mix and let it boil.  

Step 3. Add rice paste and boil everything together till it thickens.   

Step 4. Finally add rose water and transfer the phirni to a bowl.  

Step 5. Garnish with sliced almonds and serve.   


Find the complete recipe video in the header.   

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