Undergone abortion? Diet tips to take care of health

New Delhi: Abortion, be it for any reason, is tough for a woman to go through. Notably, over 6,500 abortions were done every year in our country from the year 2010 to 2017.

Keeping all this aside, anyone who has undergone abortion, needs to have her priority clear which is recovering your body. Although abortions performed by licensed medical professionals are safe, women need to take special care of their body after abortion as they can experience some discomforts include nausea, sore breasts, fatigue, abdominal cramps and light vaginal bleeding.

While prescriptions are important, you need to ensure that you are having the right kind of meal and adding the healthy contents to your meal which can support your recovery. Nutritious diet is important as it plays a crucial role in recovering your body. Here are the contents that you should add to your meals for fast recovery after abortion:

More of Iron and Vitamin C

Why is Iron and Vitamin C necessary for those who have gone through abortion, you may ask? Well, they help refill the blood lost in your body. The foods rich in iron replenish red blood cells and increase the supply of oxygen throughout your body. moreover, both iron and vitamin C are beneficial as they enhance your collagen formation which further promotes wound healing.

Say a ‘YES’ to Calcium rich foods

Do you know that the insufficient consumption of calcium-rich foods during pregnancy could lead to the depletion of a mother’s calcium stores? Thus, it becomes your responsibility to restore calcium stores for a proper recovery.

Fill Yourself with Folate-rich Foods

Foods that are rich in folate should be consumed in a right amount after abortion. These foods will help you to build healthy red blood cells which further protects you from developing anaemia. Also, it helps maintaining healthy cell growth and function.

Good Health with Healthy Fats

It is believed that excess consumption of fats could be harmful for your body. well, it is true but the foods high in healthy fats can work wonders when it comes to speeding up your recovery as they possess anti-inflammatory properties. Do you know that abortion and miscarriage can lead to hormonal imbalances? Healthy fats, however, are there to help as they support a good hormonal balance.

Avocados, almonds, walnuts and olive are a must have during the post-abortion period for you to stay healthy.

Protein rich foods

It is public knowledge that protein is highly essential for a human body as it forms the building blocks of the tissues and organs in your body. thus, protein rich foods can help during your recovery stage with wound healing.

The protein rich foods not only increase muscle mass and strength but are also a great source of vitamin B12, which produces healthy red blood cells in our body.


(Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on general information and does not substitute for a medical expert’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this)

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