New Menu Alert! Sevilla, Delhi Is The Ideal Place For An Intimate Dinner

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic started, dining out has undoubtedly become an elusive affair. Eating out is no longer a frivolous, impromptu plan but a carefully planned, meticulous decision. Everything from the restaurant to the cuisine has to be just perfect for that exclusive night-out. Diners are also not averse to experimenting with their palates or their choice of restaurants. If an outing with a special someone is on your mind, we have found the perfect place for you. Sevilla at The Claridges, Delhi is a Southern European fine dining affair and is ideal for a romantic night-out or an intimate dinner with loved ones.

Located in the heart of Delhi, the restaurant nestles in a hidden corner of the heritage hotel which only regulars would be aware of. The inspiration for Sevilla’s unique ambience comes from the Mediterranean cities and their architecture. The influence is evident – with small bridges, alfresco seating in canopies or cabanas, as well as earthy elements like plants and an artificial waterfall. We visited Sevilla in the evening and were awestruck by the vibrant atmosphere, which was cosy and inviting at the same time. The right weather proved to be the perfect setting for the dinner meal.

Sevilla’s new menu started off with a Tapas platter, with amuse-bouches that teased and whetted the appetite. For vegetarians, there was a Manchego Cheese roll, Mushroom Croquettes, Patatas Bravas and Grilled Asparagus and Artichoke. The cheese rolls were absolutely bingeworthy, and the Mushroom Croquettes were crispy on the outside but simply melted in the mouth. Patatas Bravas, one of the signature Spanish dishes of the restaurant, is truly worth a try. The grilled vegetables drizzled with balsamic vinegar were quite the tasteful delight for vegetarians.

Amuse bouche for Tapas platter

In non-vegetarian Tapas platter, we tried theLamb Albondigaswhich were extremely soft and had a strong sweet-and-sour flavour from the tomato sauce paired with them. The Chicken Croquettes were soft and smooth. There were also Chicken and Lamb Skewers which featured some interesting sauces that added a unique flavour. Each dish in the Tapas platter was the work of a culinary whiz. Apart from the two Tapas platters, there was a Mushroom Cappuccinowhich was actually a mushroom soup in the guise of a coffee. Deceptive appearances, indeed!


Non vegetarian Tapas platter

The Heritage Beet Salad was also a unique creation with heirloom tomatoes, roasted beetroot, slices of avocado and goat cheese with a honey balsamic dressing. Each layer of the salad unlocked new flavours and was tempting and fulfilling. For the main course, we tried the Dup of Lamb, which was a basically a Josper-grilled New Zealand lamb chop. The medium-rare meat also featured some crunchy vegetables and potatoes served by the side and was drizzled with lamb jus. The texture and freshness of the meat was ripe and the spice rub was balanced. The side vegetables had the seasoning and crunch just right and were not overdone, and overall, the dish was well-blended and thoughtfully put together.

In the vegetarian main course, we tried the Mediterranean grilled vegetables Lasagne with Pomodoro sauce. The unique part about this creation was that the lasagne was layered with vegetables than with cheese, which made it not just healthy but immensely satiating. The meal was paired with red wine Sangria to wash everything down and cleanse the palate.


Dup of Lamb 


Heritage beetroot salad 


Mediterranean Lasagna

Desserts bowled us over indeed, with simple dishes which were masterfully created. There were Churros, which are basically crunchy sticks made by deep frying a special paste, coated with cinnamon sugar served with custard and dark chocolate. The crispy delight was enjoyable and made for a delicious end to our meal. TheTiramisu was another signature sweet treat which was light, frothy and paradise for those with a sweet tooth. It was also served with a handcrafted edible chocolate spoon that complimented the dish perfectly and left us craving more with every bite.





So, the next time you are planning to go out with your loved ones, Sevilla would be our strong recommendation. The multi-cuisine restaurant will be a gastronomic adventure, and make for memories to cherish forever.

What: Sevilla at The Claridges Hotel

Where: 12, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Road, Delhi NCR

When: 7pm onwards

Price for two: Rs. 4,500/-

For reservations: Call: 011- 39555082/83 or WhatsApp on – +919971718208

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