Coronavirus News Highlights: India’s cumulative vaccination crosses 42.75-crore-mark; Kerala records 17,518 news cases, Maharashtra reports 6,753 cases

People wait in queues to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Prataparh district of Rajasthan. (PTI Photo)

Coronavirus Third Wave India News Highlights, Coronavirus Statistics India News July 23, Covid Vaccination Latest: India registered 35,342 fresh Covid-19 infections in last 24 hours, the Friday morning bulletin by the health ministry said. The daily caseload witnessed a dip after a consistent surge for the last 48 hours when India saw more than 40,000 cases.  In terms of Covid fatalities, 483 Indians lost their lives in the last 24 hours, the news update said. The recoveries outnumbered the infections with 38,740 people were cured of the viral infection. The daily positivity rate continues to remain below 3 per cent. While the daily data shows that situation is under control, there are some critical concerns exhausted health infra. After black fungus, now Delhi has reported cases of live complications. Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has reported cases of large liver abscesses. An Indian Express report says that one person has died due to uncontrolled bleeding.

First up are the surge states. While the overall Covid situation in India is relatively better, states such as Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Rajasthan and Kerala continue to report high positivity rates. The Centre has said that if cases don’t come down, these states will fuel the third wave trend in India. Apart from these, Maharashtra also continues to be high up in the national tally. Another scary development is health issues in those who have been cured of Covid. The post-Covid complications will create more trouble for already e

When will the coronavirus pandemic end? World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that it is totally up to us when we ‘want to end’ the contagion. The WHO boss has said that despite developing a vaccine at a break-neck speed, the world is still not on a path of total recovery from Covid. Part of the problem is the slow vaccination rate, abject inequity of the current stock. Meanwhile, here in India, the ‘no one died due to lack of oxygen’ statement by the Narendra Modi government during the ongoing Monsoon Session of Parliament has taken a technical turn. Now health experts say that how the deaths are recorded is purely a technical point of view. However, everyone agrees that almost 20 per cent of the Covid patients who succumbed during the second wave could have been saved had they got the Oxygen supply on time. In a reply during the Monsoon session, the Centre has said that around 45,000 black fungus infections have been reported from the states in the last two months.

As the world sees the opening of Tokyo Olympics amid the Covid fear, here are the latest coronavirus-related news from India around the globe:  

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